Art in the Time of Quarantine: Virtual Exhibition – Call for Entries

Deadline: May 31

How do artists connect in an era of separation? Do we connect through our art and if so how? The museums with established artists are closed, the galleries with emerging artists are closed, the coffee shops with local artist are closed. In spite of the closures, there seems to be a constant, a unifying drive to do what artists have done throughout history. Artists continue to create. How they share their work may have changed, (or may not have for those who have used social media for years) but the need to express our reactions to the world are vital. TACHP invites artists, wherever they may be in their careers, to submit to an exhibit that expresses the artwork that is coming out of this time. Each applicant may submit up to 3 pieces, and will be guaranteed to have 1 accepted for this virtual exhibit.

Highland Park Art Center