City of Elgin Call for Public Art 2020

The City of Elgin is considering the following location for public art installations in 2020.

Ed Shock Centre of Elgin sky bridge and stairwell wall.

The sky bridge is located over Symphony Way connecting the parking deck to the Ed Shock Centre of Elgin which is located at 100 Symphony Way. The sky bridge is comprised of metal and glass. The 2D work application surface would only be the metal portion of the bridge. The sky bridge is approximately 170 feet long on the western side and 80 feet long on the eastern side and is 13 feet wide. The metal surface area is on the top of the bridge going down approximately 2.5 feet onto the sides as well as the bottom of the bridge going up approximately 3.5 feet onto the sides. The surface area will be cleaned and prepped for the artist ahead of the installation. The City of Elgin will provide support to close the street and parking spaces as needed during the installation.

The stairwell wall is attached to the both the bridge and the parking deck. The stairwell is four floors high. The stairwell is well traveled and had a large panel of windows on the western side, making the majority of the stairwell visible from the sidewalk and road. The proposed surface for painting is up for artist interpretation, but should include at least one of the following areas:

The rises of the stairs on the three levels visible from the outside. The stair rises are approximately 7” tall. There are 13-15 stairs on each of the four floors. Only three floors are visible from the outside.

The interior walls inside the stairwell. There are a variety of walls in a variety of shapes on the interior of the stairwell. The walls make up approximately 2,500 square feet of space and are concrete.

The 2D work in the stairwell should either be a continuation of or complimentary to the work on the bridge.

Application Deadline: March 2