Cynthia J. Lee Solo Exhibit ‘Circling the Square’

(Featured Image; ‘Holding Light’)

Cynthia J. Lee Solo Exhibit ‘Circling the Square’

The Elmhurst Artists’ Guild will feature abstract conceptual artist Cynthia J. Lee’s exhibit ‘Circling the Square’ at the Elmhurst Art Museum, July 24 – August 15.

Statement From the Artist:

Time seem to move more quickly now. As decades roll by, a sense of my own mortality grows. Climate change, a global pandemic, and our current political unrest, add dark notes to daily life. Tipping points are everywhere. I long for simplicity. I crave moments of stillness.

In my paintings, I express this by contrasting complex areas with more open space. But this space is not empty. It holds my thoughts and feelings about impermanence, the role memory plays, and the need for us to tell our stories and leave our marks.

The art and poetry you see here share the focus. Layers of oil mixed with cold wax form a history. Circular shapes convey the cyclical nature of life and our human connections. Scribbles suffuse language or communication. Rectangles act as mirrors and frame for memories. Images become words.

I am reminded of a lovely Italian custom of walking around the town plaza late in the afternoon. I want to walk there, together with old and new friends, and with perfect strangers, all of us sharing the angled sunlight and shadows, finding peace as nigh approaches.

Opening Reception: July 30th, 6-8 pm

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