Judith Roston Froelich in Studio Stories 2020

ABOUT STUDIO STORIES 2020 – As the global health pandemic changed artists’ lives and practice, Chicago-based artist Lilach Schrag found herself drawn to stories of how artists were adapting to lockdown and the new reality. The result is Lilach’s curated presentation “Studio Stories 2020”, hosted by Kol HaOt. “When I realized it would be impossible to have my scheduled June residency at Kol HaOt’s gallery in Jerusalem, I reached out instead to colleagues and friends around the world who make contemporary art and started collecting their stories. I asked them to provide a glimpse into their mission, their methods, and their hearts. They spoke about their work, altered daily routines, challenging moments, uplifting realizations, and the ways in which they continue to create and adjust their practice during the pandemic. Individually, from their homes and their studios, they tell fascinating stories with thoughtful words and beautiful artwork. Collectively, they offer a snapshot of artists responding to the unprecedented reality of our time.” – Lilach Schrag, 2020