Kathy Weaver in ARC Gallery: Body Politics Exhibit

Kathy Weaver in ARC Gallery: Body Politics Exhibit

Exhibition Dates: January 6 – 29
Virtual Opening: Saturday, January 8, 4-6 pm Zoom

(Zoom link will be sent via email on day of event)

In January 1973, Roe v Wade dramatically extended women’s options for bodily autonomy. Notwithstanding, women’s bodies remain a battleground – not just around reproductive health, but in myriad other areas, including (but not limited to) decisions around consent, safety, employment and beauty. Roe v Wade faces new threats to its existence – leaving reproductive rights in ever greater peril. Beginning with the policing of women’s bodies, and expanding to examine all forms of body policing and discrimination, ARC will host a juried exhibition in January 2022 to address these themes. Body politics shape the socio-political climate and affect basic human rights, from the #metoo movement and rape culture, to domestic violence, to gender politics, and right down to the politics of hair in the classroom and workplace.

”Avatar 5- Mother and Child”