Lathrop Homes Riverwalk Mural Project

Architreasures, a non-profit arts-based community development organization, is seeking qualified artists to produce an outdoor painted mural on the Diversey Ave riverwalk viaduct adjacent to Lathrop Homes, located at 2000 W. Diversey, Chicago, IL 60647. Architreasures leads place-based art and design initiatives that nurture collaborative processes and creative synergies to evolve and grow thriving neighborhoods.

The overall goal of the project is to produce a mural that highlights in its design the life and legacy of Julia C. Lathrop, while creating a distinct public artwork that compliments the riverwalk landscape at Lathrop Homes. The mural will be painted directly on the 1200 square feet area of the viaduct wall by the Diversey Ave riverwalk.

See mural site photos here.

See detailed Artist RFQ for more info.

Deadline: 06.04.2023