Cynthia J. Lee

Abstract Expressionist Painter

In my abstract paintings I explore whatever captures my attention or provokes a strong feeling. It might be a cultural or political event, a moment in nature, a perplexing state of mind, a breakthrough in science, a comment on social media. As I paint, I feel like I am at an intersection, inside the space between, moving along edges, finding different angles. I build layers of oil mixed with cold wax, hiding and revealing. Searching. Expressing questions and facets of truth. Areas of color play with negative space. Shapes have edges that may dissolve or re-emerge. Random lines are in motion. Scribbles and Asemic (abstract) text suggest ideas in a kind of global language.

My fascination with borders and transitions is rooted in my life experience. From small town to large city. From music, drama, and poetry to a master’s degree and work in public policy. From learning about other cultures to understanding radical points of view. I love to travel between different worlds.

There are wonderful and difficult energies inside our differences. We’re often confused, afraid. We yearn for connection. Our need to communicate with each other is powerful and primal, going back to the first marks made on cave walls by early human artists. I am honored to carry on this rich tradition in today’s complex world.