Indira Freitas Johnson

Public Art, Community Engagement

I am a sculptor, community artist, and nonviolence educator working locally and internationally. My work ranges from large public sculptures to intimate community collaborations. As an artist, my identity has evolved as part sculptor, cultural worker, peace activist and educator. For me art and life are interwoven so that creating objects in the studio goes hand in hand with site-specific installation and interactive/community-engaged projects

My studio practice uses objects discarded by society in combination with my sculptural work to create new objects that explore the constant process of transformation and change in the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. My fascination for these abandoned objects has grown over the years leading me to question the issues of permanence and decay, strength and vulnerability.

I strongly believe that cultural and creative expression is a means to promote deep and lasting social change. It has fueled my passion and commitment to make art part of everyday life, involve local voices and communities in the art process and cultivate peace as individual action.