Jamie Kost

Mixed media with rust on wood panel

My rust work consists of a series of relief paintings on panel. On each charcoal-gray field of latex paint rests an abstract, minimal and geometric form that incorporates strong architectural elements. The design is predetermined by sketches made on graph paper as the strict grid governs each shape.
Cast molding squares and hieroglyphic-like designs are carefully made by hand. Next, rust is applied and as the metal oxidizes the deeply textured surface transforms and evolves into something infinitely interesting. Resembling the process of natural decay, velvety earthy colors with nuanced surfaces cover the geometric forms. Through this, I strive to creat a dynamic tension between industrial and organic elements that call attention to the manipulation and transformation of materials.
My work is an ongoing formal experiment in composition, color, texture and form. Using unconventional and inventive techniques, materials evolve from one state to another. From here, a new aesthetic emerges to create an immersive experience for both the artist and the viewer.