Jennifer Cronin

Paintings - Drawings

Wandering. Looking for something to follow. Hoping to find a hint of something that is genuine and true. In my early work, it is a playful tale of imagination weaving itself throughout my daily life. It is a dream that has taken grip in my consciousness and won’t let go. A wistful yearning for something more. A quiet reflection on the mystery of the everyday. The brilliance and beauty that can be lost if you don’t try to catch it.

As time has passed, I have turned my search outward. Searching for meaning in the lives of others and the surrounding world. Hoping that we can all connect through our lives lived, our sense of empathy, our individual stories, our hopes and aspirations, and our shared struggles and disappointments. Chasing after the mystery and complexity of our lives, and the fingerprints that we leave behind in this world.