Judith Roston Freilich

Works on Paper, Textiles and Installations

My art making began as far back as I can remember. Without a beginning or end, each piece comes from inside of me leading continuously into the next one. It’s a lifelong, spontaneous evolution and gives a voice to whatever is within me at a given moment in time. In the same way, it reflects the unique journey inside each of us and is represented by intuitive organisms that have unique characteristics collected from life’s experiences. These organisms reveal both devastating, fierce, uncontrolled energy and overwhelming swells of serenely floating calm that is inside each of us. My work asks of us to find that place in ourselves. In some pieces, the process seems unfinished, with traces of past journeys and pathways for future exploration. When visiting the acidic, boiling springs at Yellowstone, I was overwhelmed realizing that all living things on earth, including humans, share elements of life. The experience heightened my sense of our relationship inside ourselves, to each other, and to all life on our planet. It’s this exploration of the future that is becoming more and more vital. The drawings remind us of where we’ve been. And they remind us that we need to bring the past with us—and release any hesitation to work with the present truths—towards a more promising future.