Larry Kanfer

Fine Art Photography
2103 North Dunlap Street, Champaign, IL 61820
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“In all of my photography, I like to look at things with an outsider’s eyes. If you look at a familiar place from a new angle or at a different time of day, it creates a completely different environment than you knew existed.

I try to celebrate the subtle details of human existence and daily routines that are often overlooked by highlighting these accidental discoveries in my surroundings. The generations of lifecycles intertwined with the land create serendipitous meaning, beauty, and richness all around us.”

After receiving his degree in architecture from the University of Illinois in 1979, Larry Kanfer opened his first photography gallery and studio in Champaign, IL which he maintains to this day. Most well-known for his Prairiescapes®, he has brought acclaim to the Midwest through award-winning calendars and original artwork capturing the beauty of the region. Kanfer has also created a variety of other major collections including Cityscapes, University of Illinois, Europe, China and India.

To date, eight coffee table books of Larry Kanfer images have been published, with A Prairie State of Mind being recently published by the University of Illinois Press. He is proud to call central Illinois his home.