Jennifer Bock-Nelson


I am interested in particularity. My work records a singular moment paused in time. Using reference photos captured by technology (camera, satellite, microscope), I explore imagery that is inaccessible to our unaided eye. Visually deconstructing and physically reconstructing magnified details into stylized marks is immensely satisfying. The work becomes the prolonged examination of edge, shape, light, and color. The finished piece is the sum of each labored part. How we see and what we see is the compelling force for my practice.

My references are nature and landscape in the broadest sense. This body of work started with water as the subject but progressed to polarized thin sections of rock and images from space. Although rendered realistically, the compositions lack context and spatial landmarks resulting in abstraction. The ambiguity of the setting contrasts with the exactness of the studio process. Individually, each painting speaks to a specific place. Collectively, they allude to the hidden patterns that bind the physical universe.

Within the cosmos, my presence is negligible. Yet, there is something human about the need to reiterate one’s existence. Documents of who we are and where we are abound. Information and visual stimuli flood our days and overwhelm our senses. Technology provides a platform for storing images we feel compelled to capture but rarely revisit. The world spins and is subject to time and its inhabitants. In the narrow realm that is now, my work both utilizes and reacts to the inundation of technology as I gaze upon, record, and preserve invisible fragments of the changing world.