Mays Mayhew’s Drawing Exhibits

The works of visual artist Mays Mayhew will be displayed at the Blue Moon Gallery

September 28 – October 18

18620 Belvidere Rd
Saturday and Sunday, 1-4pm.

Mays Mayhew’s exhibit shows her newest series which explores the stories of heroine matriarchs.  She draws her four-year-old daughter as the subject in the pieces.  “I’m interested in the story that is tangible and told juxtapose to the intangible and untold.” Mayhew said. “Using pencil on paper, my approach is as simple as my tools. I use the grayscale of graphite to keep the image open-ended for the viewer to mirror, creating a new tangible doppelganger.”

Born and raised on a farm in Wisconsin, Mayhew currently resides in Aurora, IL with her husband and two children. She studied studio arts at UW – Madison, WI, Rhode Island School of Design, and in Italy.


Also her work has been included in the Real People 2019 Exhibit at the Old Courthouse Art Center in Woodstock.

August 21 – September 15