Old Courthouse Figurative League
September 3 – October 31

Entry Deadline: July 19

Real People is an  international juried fine art exhibition celebrating the arts through faces and figures. Real People is open to all artists and media; submitted work must depict the human form or face in some manner that is recognizable. This year will mark our 20th Anniversary Real People Show and the 30th Anniversary for the Old Courthouse Arts Center in Woodstock, Illinois, located outside of Chicago, Illinois. Real People has become a much-anticipated area event and the show enjoys excellent media coverage and exposure. Real People offers over $1500 in monetary awards, as well as 6 additional one year membership awards donated by Biafarin, an online artist’s management system.  Biafarin will also be hosting our online gallery which will have work from the show for sale at Biafarin and 2 other sites. Our judge for this year’s show will be Chicago artist Joyce Owens. Joyce is an award-winning artist who has shown her work in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and North America.