Request for Qualifications for Public Art at U of I Chicago

The Art-in-Architecture Program of the Capital Development Board announces a Request for Qualifications to Illinois professional artists to create permanent original public art for the Computer Design, Research, and Learning Center on the University of Illinois at Chicago campus in Chicago, Illinois.

Final Deadline: Friday, July 9, 2021 4:30 P.M.


The project will create a new physical identity along Taylor Street for Computer Science, the College of Engineering, and UIC. It will also strengthen the University’s connections and engagement with Memorial Grove, an important campus open space, and improve other campus infrastructure.

As a cutting-edge hub for learning and research, a strong center of community, and a new face for the Computer Science department, the CDRLC building will contribute to attracting and retaining students and faculty. Increasing the visibility of the CS department can increase the diversity and inclusivity of the program. That success will allow the Computer Science department to further its goal of providing life changing educational opportunity to a diverse student body from the Chicagoland region, the State of Illinois, and beyond.


The artwork will be located in The Commons area near the primary entrance to the building on the east. It will be in front of the large brick wall within the new building.

This location allows for an expansive installation that will be visible throughout The Commons. There are opportunities for a 2D piece in front of the brick wall, or something that is voluminous and occupies a depth of space in front of that wall. In either case, the artwork should be structurally supported by the brick wall and should not impact the use or circulation through the ground level of The Commons. Artists selected as semifinalists will receive an information package that provides detailed technical information.


Given its prominent location and the opportunity to do something rather expansive, the artwork will invigorate the large community and collaboration space of The Commons. Its position at the main building entry will also set the mood and tone for The Commons and serve as a wayfinding aid for students, faculty, visitors, and staff.

The committee has no preferred theme, media or format and does not wish to be limited to content that relates explicitly to the function or program of the building.

The piece must be durable, safe, and cost effective to maintain with limited annual maintenance.