Request for Qualifications for Public Art for Memorial Hall on Western Ill. University Campus

The Art-in-Architecture Program of the Capital Development Board announces a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to Illinois professional artists to create permanent original public art for Memorial Hall on the Western Illinois University campus in Macomb, Illinois.

Final Deadline: Friday, June 11, 2021


The Committee is interested in a series of pieces to enliven the building. The spaces available for artwork are public areas located throughout the building from the basement to the third floor and include lobbies, waiting areas, and hallways.

The work does not need to be limited to wall spaces and can move beyond two dimensions to be mounted from the ceiling as well.


In keeping with the many ways the programs in Memorial Hall are of service to the campus and community, the artwork should vibrant, activate and enliven the spaces and evoke positive emotions such as joy, encouragement, warmth, and growth.

The work can be separate pieces or an installation spread throughout the building.

The University is eager to collaborate with artists in creating their vision.

The piece(s) must be durable, safe, and be able to withstand display in public spaces with minimal care.


At least three artists/teams will be selected from the pool of eligible artists/teams and paid a

fee of $1,500.00 each to develop and present site specific proposals.