Request for Qualifications for Springfield-Sangamon County Transportation Center

Request for Qualifications for Springfield-Sangamon County Transportation Center
10th and 11th Street Murals

Springfield, Ill.

Sangamon County announces a Request for Qualifications to professional artists or firms to create permanent original art or installations for one or two public murals that will be located outdoors at the new Springfield Sangamon County Transportation Center in Springfield, Illinois. The project timeline will begin later this summer with final installation in summer of 2022.

Application Deadline: Friday, June 11

*Application before the deadline is encouraged.


These public art commissions and potential purchases are open to all professional artists, artisans, artist-led teams and firms.

• An artist/artisan/firm is defined as a skilled practitioner who generates designs and concepts for creative works that reflect form, beauty and aesthetic perception.

• Subcontractors may be used and are defined as those providing technical implementation such as construction, fabrication and/or assembly for portions or all of a finished product under direct supervision and control of an artist.

  • No county employees, city employees, elected officials or members of their immediate families who are living in their households are eligible to apply.

Project Summary

It has long been a goal of the Sangamon County community to have a centralized transportation hub serving various forms of public transportation needs in the County including Sangamon Mass Transit District buses and Amtrak trains.

The Springfield Sangamon County Transportation Center Project is planned to create ADA- compliant platforms and station facilities for loading, unloading, and transfer of Amtrak train and SMTD bus passengers. The project will also plan for convenient access to the city’s downtown district and beyond.

The Transportation Center will be located on two blocks along the 10th Street Rail Corridor. The site is bounded by 9th and 11th Streets and by Adams and Washington Streets. It is located immediately north of the Sangamon County Complex and east of the BOS Center, a multi- purpose facility that host various large events including concerts, conventions and sports tournaments.

Project Site

There are two large spaces that are available for public outdoor artwork or displays that will be located near the center of the transportation center project.

1. 11th Street Mural: this mural will be visible from 11th Street and the primary space that is directly next to this mural space will be the bus transfer center (See concept A on next page). The primary audiences who will be able to view this will be bus riders/drivers, neighborhood residents, businesses and automobile and pedestrian traffic along 11th street. It will be approximately 1970 ft2 (61’ 5” wide X 31’6” high).

2. 10th Street Mural: this mural will be located on the other side of the mural listed above and will face the railroad tracks (See concept B on the next page). The primary audience will be people arriving and leaving on the Amtrak train as well as people walking across the pedestrian bridge to board the train. It will be approximately 2,850 ft2 (61’ wide X 47’ high).