Rosemarie Adcock’s Painting ‘The Nativity’ Will Be Exhibited at The ArtPrize

Rosemarie Adcock’s 40 x 60 oil painting, The Nativity, is headed for the ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Nativity is filled with animals and birds, and is a favorite of collectors.

The ArtPrize is the largest fine art competition in the world, with downtown venues showing art for a marvelous few weeks. All artists compete for prizes that this year top over $275,000.

The venue hosting The Nativity is called The B.O.B. The extremely popular B.O.B. is a 70,000 -square-foot, red brick building that was constructed in 1903 as Judson’s Grocery warehouse. It’s casual appeal, large size and historic charm have given The B.O.B destination status. It has now become an entertainment center and considered an ambitious and versatile place of fun, offering a multitude of choices of foods and entertainment for each guest.

The Nativity painting is fun it’s own way, noticeable by the goat eating Joseph’s clothing (because that’s what goats do, eat anything).  In addition to the fun aspects of the painting, it is filled with symbolism that refers back to the storyline of the biblical texts. We think a fun and busy 70,000 square foot venue is a perfect place for a fun and busy painting.

You can see the artist’s painting with details at the link here:

Join the excitement in Grand Rapids!

The ArtPrize
Sept 15-October 2, 2022

The B.O.B
Grand Fondo, 20 Monroe Ave NW,
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

Monday – Saturday 10 am – 8pm, Sunday 10 am – 7pm

Detail – Ram

Detail – animals

Detail – Goat