Shipping Container Mural Project


The City of Wauwatosa, WI is building upon the excitement of its new mural arts program and announces a new project that will be located in Hart Park next to the Rotary Performance Pavilion. The Tourism Commission plans to sponsor a mural installation on a shipping container that will be used as temporary storage for Tosa Tonight, a summer evening concert series that takes place in Hart Park. To that end, we are issuing this Call to Artists, in search of proposals for up to three surfaces to be installed on the shipping container.

Project Goals

Artistically enhance the overall aesthetic of the shipping container and physical environment of the park, and activate the space.

Spark engagement from local community members, the creative community, and outside visitors to the Wauwatosa area.

Highlight Wauwatosa’s arts, history, and cultural traditions to visitors who seek authentic, arts-based experiences.

Application Deadline: April 1