St. Louis Airport Seeking Artists to Create Large 2 Dimensional Art

St. Louis Lambert International Airport is seeking qualifications from artists and artist teams to create an original work of art for a two-story wall in the C-Concourse Checkpoint/Exit area of Terminal 1.

Qualifications due: August 26


The site for the 2020 Legacy Project is a wall located post-security in the C-Concourse area of Terminal 1. Prominent to the C-Concourse security checkpoint, visible from the pre-security area on the level above, and a potential milepost for arriving passengers exiting the C-Concourse, the wall has the potential to help define the experience of passengers arriving and departing, visitors awaiting friends and families, and TSA and Airport employees moving through their day. A two- dimensional or low-relief artwork can be applied to this wall within the light-filled atrium on Terminal 1. The artwork could be a painted or mosaic mural, a large-scale painting, or a wall installation using glass, tile, wood, plastic, fabric or other materials. The selected artist should make use of the multiple sightlines and the height of the space to create a unique and engaging site-specific two-dimensional artwork.