Ten Thousand Ripples to be installed in Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park at Governors State University

This year is the 10th anniversary of the Ten Thousand Ripples Initiative, and a new circle of emerging Buddhas will be installed at the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park at Governors State University.

The goal of the Ten Thousand Ripples Project is to provide the general community with an intense and meaningful public art experience outside of traditional art venues and in doing so act as a catalyst for community conversations and interactions about peace and nonviolence. Changing Worlds, the lead art organization has shepherded TTR from its inception throughout the past decade to help the initiative achieve its goals. At the center of TTR are 100 fiberglass and resin Buddha sculptures, each weighed down with a few hundred pounds of concrete, designed by Indira Johnson and installed in sites in 10 Chicago area neighborhoods.

The Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park is a collection of 30 master works of large-scale sculpture situated within 100 acres of prairie landscape. This “museum-in-the-prairie” is open for public viewing 365 days a year and is free of charge.