The Jewish Art Collective of Chicago Exhibit: Out of the Narrows

Exhibit at Janice Charach Gallery
West Bloomfield, MI
The Jewish Art Collective of Chicago: Out of the Narrows

Thru December 7

Jewish Artist Collective Chicago is a community of multidisciplinary artists connected through common heritage and committed to sharing ideas, enriching practices, and creating dialogue with community.

Out of the Narrows is a complete Passover Haggadah with the Passover Seder in Hebrew, transliteration, and English, including all steps of the ceremony, including rituals, prayers, liturgy, and commentary. Still, why create a Haggadah of art as commentary? As a Jewish arts collective, we are accustomed to creating work based on Jewish themes and texts. In other years, we read the Passover story with our families; but in the period of COVID we began to view it through an artist’s lens.

Creating art is an aggadic response, a way to tell the story using metaphor and ritual to address the themes of oppression and liberation, wandering and dispersion, slavery and Exodus, of topics as ancient and contemporary as racism and anti-Semitism, civil disobedience, freedom, and identity. We responded visually to the text to make sense of this new way of living, envisioning not just opening the book but entering its many layers and facets. Midrash means investigation, searching out. Our visual midrash is a way to draw new meaning from and renew the story.