Victori Fuller Exhibit at Epiphany Art Center

Epiphany Art Center Exhibit: Bring Back The Extinct Northern White Rhino

July 1 – August 9
Opening Reception: July 1, 6 – 9 pm

It is a tribute to a species that is functionally extinct. The last male northern white rhinoceros, named Sudan, died in 2018. There are two females left. This installation features a realistic life-size replica of a rhino, 13’ x 5’.5” x 4,’ made of vinyl material with a hide of printed faux wrinkles and texture. It inflates and deflates repetitively on a 3 minutes cycle. When deflated, we are reminded that it is extinct; when inflated, it references the magnificence of the species when it was alive, as well as the attempt to bring it back through “artificial reproductive techniques” with frozen sperm and eggs implanted in a closely related subspecies. The inflation and deflation are also like inhaling and exhaling lungs, symbolizing the breath of life. The artist created the project with a grant from the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs (DCASE) to bring awareness to the extinction of animals in our lifetime.

In the room with with the inflatable rhino project she also have a wall sculpture/painting depicting animals and nature patterns titled “Out of Africa.”