Monica Balc

Original Sculptures and Drawings

My work, representative in nature, surveys the human figure. The human body has always been the focus of my work. It is perhaps because of my upbringing that the human figure has remained so well ingrained in my practice and has became part of my artistic vocabulary.

The human figure is a vehicle to represent human relationships, with affection being the core of such. Affection was the concept I used to define the longing for family, friends and my native land that I left behind. Affection was the element that I needed most in order to feel at home in my new country. I used this concept to also raise awareness about the Romanian orphanage crises of the 1990’s and drew parallels to my own experiences.

Clay is my medium of choice because of its immediate response to human touch. The transient quality of clay, from malleable to inflexible and vulnerable, to stone-like and irreversible, plays on issues associated with the ephemeral human condition and emotions.
Today my work continues to center around the basic human emotional and social needs, while alternating between the the private and domestic space and that of the conventional public space.