Dan Shaughnessy IV

Stainless Steel Sculptures (Interactive)

My work explores the evolutionary life of metal and power of molding metal to forge new life. With my first exposure to the work of David Smith, I was immediately drawn to the idea of capturing the viewer’s attention. This philosophy led to me viewing my sculptures as magnets, drawing the viewer into this realm of imagination. My pieces, like “Lorax” guide the viewer into this larger than life wonder, something doesn’t fall into this reality. Mysterious yet inviting. I am enamored by Stainless Steel and always have been. Over the years, I’ve come to realize this material has the ability to come to life. It has the ability to grow but be timeless; undaunted by the elements. While incorporating an interactive light system, my flowers have the ability to receive information, creating a connection between the viewer and these majestic structures. These flowers explode in an array of colors, washing over each other, depending on how the viewer interacts with the sculpture. I truly believe the future of public sculpture is dependent on the connection of the community to itself.