Beyond the Visible Exhibit Curated by Natasha Ritsma and Georgia Schwender

(Featured Image Detail: Roger Mondragon, “Field’ (2023)


Thru May 10

Beyond the Visible is a multimedia exhibition demonstrating how art and science come together to create beauty and spark inclusive conversations about cutting edge science. This exhibition is a collaboration between Aurora University’s Schingoethe Center and the FRA Guest Artist/Composer programs at Fermilab sponsored by Fermi Research Alliance. Fermilab is America’s particle physics and accelerator laboratory dedicated to solving the mysteries of matter, energy, space, and time. Curated by Natasha Ritsma and Georgia Schwender, Beyond the Visible features prints, musical compositions, sculptures, installations, digital imagery and VR by Fermilab artists including: Patrick Gallagher, Mare Hirsch, David Ibbett, Jim Jenkins, Chris Klapper, Ricardo Mondragon, and Ellen Sandor. Each artist featured in this exhibition has spent time at Fermilab touring and interacting with scientists at the laboratory, learning about their research, and understanding the connection to society. All the work in this exhibition was inspired by what was learned from conversations and visits to Fermilab. These stunning pieces translate the awe of exploring scientific concepts related to the standard model of particle physics and quantum physics including data sonification, neutrino data-driven art as well as a variety of musical and visual metaphors.

Schingoethe Center inside the Hill Welcome Center
1315 Prairie St., Aurora

Opening Reception: February 20, 5 – 7 pm

Join us for art, refreshments, micro talks by artist Ricardo Mondragon & Fermilab achivist/historian Valerie Higgins, and the world premiere of Roger Zare’s Quantum Field performed by Marianne Parker on piano.